Smok XPRO BT 50W Mod with Bluetooth and App

$130.00 each

Smok XPRO BT50w Mod


The XPRO has a unique feature - a bluetooth connection allowing you to connect to an app giving you the ultimate control over your vaping experience. Available for both iPhone and Android, the app allows you to see all the usual stats such as resistance of atomizer, voltage and wattage, as well as selecting the wattage and voltage from within the App. But the best feature is its 12-second graphing abilities. You can program the unit to adjust its wattage output over a 12 second period using a simple graph in the app. So you could either start the draw at full wattage and slowly lower it, or do the reverse and increase the wattage as you take a longer draw.

For those that don't wish to use the app, or for when you don't have your phone handy the Smok XPRO BT50w Mod also allows full control via 2 buttons and a screen built into the unit itself.

The XPRO BT50w Mod also features an anodized aluminium surface, an adjustable 510 connection with non-conductive spring, the ability to fire atomizers from 0.2 - 3.0 ohms, micro-USB port for easy recharging (accepts 2A charging via USB for fast charging time), and improved DNA30 screen with impressive resolution.

Package includes:

1 x Smok XPRO BT50w Mod

The App is free and available on both Android and IOS. Some reviews for the Android version mention issues getting the app to run. The App is only compatible with Android 4.3 and IOS 6.0 and newer versions. We have tested the App on iPhone 4, and several models of Samsung Galaxy phones and haven't had any issues. We reccomend you download the app and try running it before purchasing this product, particularly if your brand of phone is less well known. Go to either the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android) and search for Smart BEC. Download the app and run it, you should at least be able to open the app and get it to search for the Mod, and it will report that it cannot find it. If you can do this you should not have any issues, but we cannot be responsible for ensuring your phone is compatible with the app. The Mod is still fully functional without the app.